Austria wants to extend Trans-Siberian Railway to Vienna

Austria wants to extend the Trans-Siberian Railway to Vienna: the Austrian business community wants the Trans-Siberian Railway to be extended to Vienna, despite sanctions against Russia. In Wiener Zeitung, this news was published. A few years ago, a project was proposed for the use of the Trans-Siberian Railway as a strong transport corridor between Europe and Russia. Although Austria and Russia have signed a goodwill memorandum on the issue, the project has entered a period of recession. Wiener Zeitung, referring to the main sources of information, wrote that the recession is related to the high project cost (6-9 billion euros). Aleksander Biah, a member of the Austrian Economic Council, who protects the interests of entrepreneurs and the Austrian Freedom Party who supports the construction of the road and proposes a new method of financing that will bring less burden to the state, cooperates between the private sector and the private sector. thinks that you should.

According to Wiener Zeitung, the Austrian delegation will hold talks on the issue in Moscow at the end of cultivation, but it is not known whether this proposal will be taken into account.

Biah also stated that he did not consider the sanctions imposed on Russia as an obstacle. Huge opportunities for the business world will be created iyle and said, özel There is an economic project, which will contribute to peace between countries. “

Currently, sea transport between Europe and Asia is usually carried out by sea for about a month. A new rail can reduce transport time by almost two times.


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