Asphalt Work at Asakum

Atakum Asphalt Work: Atakum Municipality Directorate of Science and Works teams of various streets and streets of the hot asphalt casting, surface coating and pavement work continues.
Atakum Mayor İshak Taşçı, who examined the works on site, said, "We are continuing our works rapidly in line with the plan we have determined."
Stating that they are working to provide the best service to the district in the highest quality, one of these services is opening new roads, maintenance and repair of existing ones, and said, “Our district is growing and developing day by day. One of our most important needs is the road. New ways are opened almost every day to meet this need. If the infrastructure works are finished and there are no construction works to spoil the asphalt, we pour hot asphalt on the roads we have built. We apply surface coating to the places where hot asphalt cannot be poured to save our people from dust and mud. Our pavement works are also continuing, ”he said.
Underlining that the same work done in the center will be carried out in the upper neighborhoods, Mayor Taşçı said, “Nobody should worry. "Whatever service is provided to the center, the same will be done to the places that leave the village status and join us as neighborhoods."


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