The Municipality of Meram continues its asphalt works

The asphalt works of the Municipality of Meram are ongoing: Meram Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs continues its asphalt works throughout the district. The teams carried out hot asphalt works in the Gülbahçe neighborhood, and covered the surface in Selver and Çomaklı neighborhoods.
Meram Municipality continues to dump hot and cold asphalt on the streets and streets within the boundaries of the district.
The road of 600 meters in Kefeli Street of Gülbahçe neighborhood was covered with hot asphalt. The garden of Tahir Büyükkörükçü İmam Hatip High School, which was built by the Municipality of Meram in the Gülbahçe Neighborhood and opened this year for training, was also paved with a thousand square meter garden.
Teams continue to work on hot asphalt as well as cold asphalt.
500 meters on Dicle Street in Selver quarter and 2 thousand 100 meters on the road in Çomaklı neighborhood were covered.
The teams continue to work on the streets and streets that need asphalt, and also respond to requests from citizens.

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