Tokatta asphalt works

Asphalt works in Tokat: Asphalt renovation works started on Behzat Boulevard by the Tokat Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs.
Mayor Eyüp Eroğlu, who examined the works on site, made a statement to the journalists here, saying that they will also work on the infrastructure, sewerage, pavement and drainage, starting from the location of Niksar road to Üçgen Kahve, along with the asphalt works.
Stating that the Behzat Bulvarı project will be carried out in two stages, Eroğlu said, “This year, after renewing the infrastructure, asphalt and pavements, we will meet with DSİ next year and work on the improvement of the creek. We will create areas where people can sit in some areas. The old iron railings around the stream will be replaced with more aesthetic wooden-looking railings. In addition, the LED lighting to be made will add a different atmosphere to Behzat Boulevard. In other words, we will bring a better street to our esteemed citizens this time next year.
Karşıyaka Neighborhood Yeşilırmak mosque next to the two-way road project will begin transferring Eroglu, said:
“On our inspection trips Karşıyaka We have seen that our neighborhood has problems in terms of infrastructure and asphalt. By directing our teams here, we resolved the asphalt problems by 20 percent in a 80-day period. We also have a project regarding the improvement of Geksi Creek. We will not only improve, but also create parking spaces in suitable places. "



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