Asphalt Work Continues in Sümerevler District

Asphalt Work in Sumerevler Neighborhood Continues: Road construction and asphalt works carried out by field supervisors of Adiyaman Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs continue.
In Adiyaman, new routes are being met with asphalt every day with the activities carried out to meet the unpaved streets and streets. Asphalt teams focused on Sümerevler neighborhood the previous day, around the dental hospital 4 separate street hot asphalt was brought together. It was stated that the streets opened in the newly built areas of the neighborhood will be completed first and then paved asphalt. As the results of intensive work carried out in the west of the dental hospital nowadays, many streets will be paved.
Mehmet Izci, the muhtar of the neighborhood who saw the activities carried out by the asphalt teams of the municipality, said, ci Sümerevler Mahallesi is one of the biggest neighborhoods of our city. There are new developments in many regions. Naturally, new streets and streets are opened. These streets need infrastructure and asphalt. Our municipality is making efforts to make the streets more usable. With the conclusion of the current activities, our streets will become cleaner. So we're gonna get rid of the dust of the summer, the mud of the winter. I would like to thank our municipality for my efforts and for my kindness. Gay



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