Asphalt Works in Your Car Continues

Asphalt Works in the Car Continues: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, continues to repair and asphalt works in group village roads in Araban district.
The maintenance and asphalt works initiated by the teams of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs on the village roads of Araban district were welcomed by the villagers.
Hüseyin Berk, Headman of the District of Başpınar in the District of Araban said the following about the work:
I For years, our group village roads have become unusable from potholes. Occasional maintenance and repairs in our partially patched roads were often accidents. The repair and asphalt works of the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which started on the damaged village roads in Araban district, are completely renewed. I would like to thank Fatma Şahin, Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality for these works on behalf of the headmen and village residents of the district.


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