In Antalya will be asked to ring the rail system

Antalya's rail system will be asked to the public: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel continued to meet with non-governmental organizations, gave information about the rail system line ordered by Prime Minister and presidential candidate Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Mayor Türel said, imiz We had important initiatives with our Prime Minister and Minister of Transport. In this regard, we have put forth an effort with our Governor in the Expo board. I thank them. Of course, we presented to the Prime Minister with our Chairman of the Board of Directors and Minister of Agriculture Mehdi Eker. I have had the opportunity to discuss this issue with our Prime Minister several times. And finally, the last weekend, the Prime Minister's instructions for the construction of this line has started, ”he said.

Following the Prime Minister's instructions, President Türel stated that they immediately started to work.
“Immediately after receiving this news on Friday, I brought our teams together with the officials of the Ministry of Transport in Istanbul. As Metropolitan Municipality, we are preparing the project based on preliminary survey, feasibility and tender. We will complete the 3 month at the latest and submit it to our Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Transportation will be awarded the construction tender. We, as the Metropolitan Municipality will provide vehicles, wagons. We will endeavor to raise the project to 23 April 2016, the opening of the Expo. In this way, we will have the support of our Prime Minister once again on the eve of the Presidency of Antalya as prime minister. ”

Stating that they promised to ask the public about the big projects before the elections, Mayor Türel said, önemli We will ask our people important projects such as rail system and urban transformation and share with our people. Our Prime Minister gave instructions, we immediately started to work to bring the rail system to Antalya. But I want to get the opinion of our people on this issue. That's the changing Menderes. This is the changing Meander. He will ask the public, he will do what he says, he will say what he does, he will sit down. Regarding this, we will put a ballot box in our neighborhoods on the rail system route, we will put a ballot box, and we will entrust the voters lists and ballot boxes to our mukhtars. We will ask. If our citizens want the crown of our heads, if they do not want to impose a realm of imposition, ”he said.

Referring to the prime minister and presidential candidate Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's interest in Antalya, Türel said:
Iz When we say the Prime Minister of Antalya, the wires of heart are trembling. What we demanded for Antalya, did not dial the gate. We won, lost, and then won again. When we lost someone immediately 'Prime Minister Antalya offended' he said. The foundations of the new hospital, tunnels on the way to Kemer, new intersections, all of which were built at that time with the instruction of our prime minister. Those who slander these lies were once again embarrassed. Our Prime Minister has an important sensitivity towards Antalya, which results from the importance of Antalya in this country. We would like to thank the Prime Minister once again for the rail system instruction. Against the prime minister who performed his duty against Antalya in the best way, the duty falls to us on Sunday. Antalya will be the winner again with a good result from the elections. ”


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