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You wouldn't say Ray: I would quickly understand what I read, but my heart wanted to see it so that I thought Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan approved the Antalya high-speed train project. The kid in me, Yeşim, started to snap their fingers and play, "The train will come, welcome, Ley Limi Limitation." If Antalya's first deputy, the late Rasih Kaplan, were alive, he would have been so happy. The deceased worked so hard for a railway connection to this city… Look how Hüseyin Çimrin, the walking history of Antalya, tells us: “Antalya Deputy Rasih Kaplan made great efforts in this regard. In fact, in the news published in local newspapers every time Rasih Kaplan came to Antalya and every time he returned to Ankara, Rasih Kaplan was being caricatured with a toy train he was looking forward to. "

When I told you to read the news again, I understood the truth. It is the 16 kilometer rail system from Meydan to Expo. When I saw “Ray daha, I became a bridegroom. Of course, every investment in the city is beneficial. Since the airport will also be close by…

I called Çetin Osman Budak, President of Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He also thinks that the rail system will be good if the airport connection is made. He emphasized the importance of an alternative transportation to the Expo outside the highway. When I first read the news in the morning, I said I thought it was a high-speed train. After the late Rasih Kaplan, perhaps Budak is the most engaged in 'train' in Antalya. The tone of his voice dropped. Yok There's no way he's at 2016. 2023 has high-speed train in its destinations. Not certain, the target… It may not be. However, 100 has been expected for years. ” 'EXPO 2016'ya High Speed ​​Train Come' he started the signature campaign, thousands of signatures collected, did not go to Ankara.

Budak, not just for high-speed trains in Antalya, Turkey told us it was of great importance in terms of again. He said that 12 million tourists come to this city on average annually and what meaningful tourism income would be if they went to Cappadocia and Pamukkale. “Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Afyon, Kayseri say he counted, olur There is a great local tourist movement. People even come to the day. ”

Unuz Are you dreaming of these, um I asked. Bunlar It's not a dream, it's what's going to happen. The facts. Dik For geographic reasons, the cost of the line will be very high, because the Taurus is aware of the need to cross, but this project will be the choice of millions of domestic and foreign tourists will see itself pays more times than other lines.

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