What have forgotten in Ankara transportation vehicles

What did Ankara residents forget in transportation vehicles? What are the things that Ankara residents forgot about EGO buses, subway and Ankaray? The belongings forgotten by the citizens who set out for the holiday filled the lost property offices in AŞTİ and EGO General Directorate.

Among the items forgotten are a journeyman's certificate, a framed bride-groom photo and a baby car seat. The forgotten items in public transport due to forgetfulness and distraction have also increased with the month of Ramadan and holiday holiday.

Ankara residents forgot many special items in EGO buses, metro and Ankaray with AŞTİ. Ankara Hurriyet photographed the Lost Property Office of EGO General Directorate and AŞTİ Lost Property Bureau, where special items were forbidden by the Capitalists. EGO and ASTI lost property office workers, who lost their belongings to the offices of the citizens can get lost items, he said.


Trademarks, laptop, handbag, wristwatch, umbrella, book, dress, shoes, underwear, card suit, framed bride-groom photo, baby car seat, a lot of goods such as reeds. The forgotten items in public transport, drivers, Ankaray and subway officials and sensitive passengers in the lost goods office located in the General Directorate of EGO, the forgotten in the terminal is delivered to the lost goods office.


Officials of the General Directorate of EGO who keep the forgotten belongings, documents such as the lost identity card, driver's license and passport are sent to the police offices and police directorates, while other items are waiting for their owners for a year. The lost items that are not owned by the owner are put on sale by a commission formed by the commission formed in certain periods of the year after two years. The goods at AŞTİ's left-luggage office 1 are put up for sale by auction or mass auction at the end of the year.

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