Ankara-Istanbul HRC Flights are back to normal

Ankara-Istanbul YHT Expeditions Have Returned to Normal: High Speed ​​Train (YHT) flights, which have been disrupted by the 200-ton crane of the shipyard after knocking down the railroad in the Gulf of Kocaeli, returned to normal starting from 06.30 am.

While the hose, which was effective around Körfez District around 17.00 on Thursday, knocked over the 200-ton crane of the railway line of a shipyard here, tons of containers were thrown on the rails in a port right next to it. The crane, which also disconnected the power lines, was completely removed as a result of the teams' 2-day work. Damages caused by the fall of the crane with the broken power lines were eliminated with the work that lasted until this morning. High-speed train services have returned to normal starting from 06.30 am today.

Due to the overturn of the crane and the lack of energy, TCDD has put buses between Pendik and the railway station in the Arifiye district of Sakarya, starting Thursday evening, to Arifiye, where they will take the train from Ankara, and from Izmit and Pendik stations, where they will come from Ankara and go to Istanbul. He had carried by buses.




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