Alstom unveils its latest innovations at CIGRE 2014

Alstom unveiled its latest innovations at CIGRE 2014: Alstom Grid unveiled its latest innovations at CIGRE 2014, the biannual worldwide electrical energy industry forum held in Paris, France. Alstom's experience and expertise has once again become the creative springboard in technological advancements, combining innovation and innovation for the electrical challenges of today and tomorrow. This year, Alstom experts introduced the latest innovations set to transform the grid for a sustainable world.

Technological introductions include:
Alstom is the first company in the world to launch a clean alternative to SF6, a gas commonly used in high voltage equipment. Revolutionary solution without SF6. Green gas for grid - developed in conjunction with 3MTM, a leader in sustainable environmental solutions. A technology suitable for the development of the next generation of clean high and very high voltage equipment today, with 6 percent less impact on global warming than SF98 and with performances comparable to SF6. Alstom and RTE (France's electrical transmission system operator) launched a joint venture to manufacture pilot equipment.

  • Direct Current (DC) Circuit Breaker: Within the framework of the Twenties European program, Alstom has developed a very fast Direct Current (DC) Circuit Breaker by taking a big step towards creating Supergrid, which effectively integrates large amounts of renewable energy and provides intercontinental energy trade. Alstom's prototype successfully cut the 160 ampere DC current at 5200 kV in less than 5.5 milliseconds under real operating limitations of a high voltage DC transmission network.

Alstom also introduces the Asset Management Solution, a comprehensive business solution that maximizes the value and reliability of customers' electrical assets. Alstom inspects and collects data from all kinds of electrical assets, including third-party equipment. The Asset Management Solution implements logical analyzes to provide a comprehensive assessment of asset conditions so that informed decisions can be made for maintenance and asset renewal. The solution also integrates real-time status monitoring of equipment to predetermine failures, reducing downtime to% 70 and maintenance costs down to% 30.

Finally, Alstom introduces the intelligent digital technology that is already in practice with our customers, bringing together the strong potential of the primary and secondary facility intelligent digital technologies: the Digital Substation 2.0. This latest compact, universal solution expands substation automation monitoring and control applications, improves personnel safety and reduces the affected area. Digital Substation 2.0 improves Smart Grid management and operation using intuitive dashboards for advanced situational awareness. Digital Substation 2.0 provides optimum real-time performance of the network by monitoring the availability, health and dynamic loading capacity of the substation assets and the connected circuits.

Innovation is at the heart of Alstom Grid. 4 percent of sales are invested in Research & Development each year. Alstom's experts work closely with international standardization organizations and work hand in hand with leading universities. Located in more than 25 global Technology and R&D Centers of Excellence around the world, our Innovation Teams shape the future of electrical grids.

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