A flawless experience with the Allison equipped tram

📩 30/11/2018 16:56

A flawless experience with an Allison-equipped tram: The Allison-equipped tram at the Warsteiner Factory offers visitors a perfect tour experience.

The Warsteiner Brewery operates a tour tram with the Allison 2000 series fully automatic transmission equipped Mercedes-Benz Atego 922 AF chassis to ensure safe and comfortable transportation to its visitors.

In the Warsteiner Brewery, one of the largest private breweries in Germany since 1753, close to 50,000 visitors can tour around the 119 acreage facility with a tram-less tram. The Mercedes-Benz Atego 922 AF chassis-based transport unit and the 3 wagon tram, the 160 kW (218 HP) OM 924 LA four-cylinder engine and the Allison 2000 Series fully automatic transmission equipment is equipped.

Reinhard Finger, the company's corporate vehicle chief, said in his statement; Or Our tour trolley, thanks to Allison fully automatic transmission, provides the visitors of the Warsteiner Factory with a very quiet and comfortable experience, “he says.

In the N World of Warsteiner X, three-mile-long skipping training for visitors leads to inclination points up to a rate of% 10. The biggest challenge to the tour trolley is that the plant has several narrow gates and passages that leave less than one inch between the walls and the car body. According to Christian Huber of Paul Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH, the Allison fully automatic transmission is the perfect support for narrow aisles. On the other hand, the facilities with slope close to% 10 is the windy climate of Westphalia Sauerland region. The Allison automatic transmission also performs well under such harsh operating conditions.

In Huber's statement; Dık During the product development process, we had to consider a narrow ground and a high traction and bearing capacity. In addition to the optimal body mounting fit, the low base and easy operation were also important factors. The Allison transmission ensures smooth and smooth driving, but makes drivers very satisfied. Drivers do not need to manually change gear, they can concentrate completely maneuvers. This is the main factor in the choice of the Atego 922 AF chassis equipped with an Allison fully automatic transmission. Allison transmissions have been positive for many years. An
Allison transmissions guarantee a constant vehicle speed in slopes and slopes requiring a higher level of safety, reducing brake wear and reducing maintenance costs. The drive function provided by all wheels is one of the easiest factors in the Warsteiner Factory. During a one-hour round trip on a fully loaded tramway, the towing vehicle moves up to 28.

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