Aliagada Sample Cooperation

Exemplary Cooperation in Aliağa: The Metropolitan Municipality paved the asphalt on 3 streets and 11 streets where Aliağa Municipality worked on grounding.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which adopts the principle of equal service to every district of the city, carried out one of the exemplary cooperation works in Aliağa. Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to provide services without discrimination of political parties, mobilized its teams upon the request from Aliağa Municipality. The streets and streets in Kurtuluş, Yeni and Siteler districts, where Aliağa Municipality has carried out ground works, was paved by Metropolitan Municipality teams. With the exemplary cooperation of the two municipalities, the Tuna, Abdi İpekçi and Petrol Ofisi streets and 11 streets were renovated. While the works were appreciated by the region rightfully, Aliağa Municipality thanked Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with a banner hung on the streets where the works were carried out. The manufacturer is not forgotten. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality carried out asphalt paving works in 2014 streets and 6 streets in Aliaağa in 18. The Metropolitan Municipality, whose slag soil improvement works are continuing on a 4 thousand 800 square meter part of the road that provides access to Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone, will be paved here as well after the works are completed. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has applied 2004 thousand tons of hot asphalt in the district since 245, has spent 27 million 500 thousand liras for this work. The amount of asphalt thrown in Aliağa corresponds to a 3-lane and 10-meter wide 125-kilometer road. Not forgetting the producer of the Metropolitan Municipality Aliağa for asphalt works, Büyükşehir also made a surface coating on a five-meter wide and 13-kilometer production road with an investment of 162 million lira.


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