Alaaddin-Adliye tram line does not end in trouble

Alaaddin-Adliye trolley line does not stop working in the works: Since the beginning of the work of continuous grievances Alaeddin-Adliye between the tram line does not end in trouble. Although the distance to the right and left of the road route to be made by the two vehicles can be easily passed, the operation of the single lane of the two lane road by the Metropolitan Municipality as a car park has reduced the transportation to one lane.

This practice, which brought traffic to a halt during the day, was met with great reaction by the shopkeepers, drivers and pedestrians.

The driver of the tramway line, which has been running at the speed of 2 for about a month, is on a single lane and the drivers are waiting for the traffic to progress.

To report the matter, worry to the Yenigün team in the region. A burning driver said, “Take it, brother, take it. Look, this is a great disgrace of Metropolitan. We have been waiting for the road to open for minutes. The air is close to 40 degrees. The road does not open in any way. Bak Bidet operate the only lane of the road as a car park. It's a shame. People open this strip until the work is finished. Traffic is already locked. Consider the time of work of the nation. That's why they want to vote in every election! Does the citizen vote for them to be victimized! ” He expressed his reaction.

The shopkeepers who have a shop on the street stated that they have decreased their work in half since the day the work started and in addition, they had to attract the noise of the traffic. Mahmut Kınacı and Mustafa Öken, one of the tradesmen of Bedesten Bazaar, who stated that the long horn sounds of the drivers disturbed them due to the traffic congestion, said, “Our work has been halved since the day these works began.

You see the state of the roads. Our customers cannot come here with their cars because the roads are closed. If the customer pulls his vehicle to the right for a 2-minute shopping, the police are writing a penalty. Let the police look in front of our shop and open the traffic on the street. We couldn't open the door of our shop from the sounds of horn.

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