Adıyaman Municipality and TPAO Signed Asphalt Protocol

Between Asphalt Protocol was signed with TPAO Adiyaman Municipality: Turkey Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) Regional Directorate of the Municipality of Adiyaman protocol was made of asphalt.
Mayor F. Hüsrev Kutlu signed a protocol. The signing ceremony held in TPAO, Adıyaman Governor Mahmut Demirtaş, Adıyaman Mayor F. Hüsrev Kutlu, TPAO Adıyaman Regional Director Savaş Tüm joined.
Speaking after signing mutual agreements at the Regional Directorate, Mayor F. Kutlu; After the election in the Municipality of Adiyaman passes through the narrow strait us like Turkey's oil lifeline assistance has grown. Materials that are one of the most expenses of municipalities and need the most; it is an asphalt material. While the previous years gave us 500 tons of asphalt material, this amount was increased to 2 tons this year with the contributions of our Regional Manager, General Manager and Board of Directors. This is a very serious figure for Adıyaman. Asphalt meets most of our needs.
I due to the contribution it makes to our Adıyaman'ı, due to the great support they give to our Municipal Turkey Petroleum to all levels of Anonymous Partnership, especially the Regional Director to war, gentlemen, our General Manager, I would like to thank Besim gentlemen and members of the board, "he said.
Speaking later, TPAO Adıyaman Regional Manager Savaş Bütün; As Our new administration has been found in 2 bin 500 tons and asphalt for Adıyaman Municipality. We are confident that these benefits will be transformed into a very good service. Very nice works are being done, our contributions to Adıyaman will continue Çok.
Subsequently, Adıyaman Governor Mahmut Demirtaş shared his feelings; Inda As always, TPAO provided asphalt material to our Adıyaman this year. We thank you for that. Our Minister of Energy and our Prime Minister have great contributions. We would like to thank our Minister of Energy and Mr. Prime Minister separately. Say

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