Bridge Expansion Studies in Akçadağ

Bridge Extension Studies in Akçadağ: The work of the Akçadağ Municipality on the road route connecting the Gölpınar Quarter to Akçadağ and the expansion of the bridges that have occurred frequently since the date of the construction continues.

Mayor Ali Kazgan who gave information about the bridge expansion works;

I In 2008, while I was serving as the Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, I noticed the bridges here while I was making asphalt between Akçadağ Merkez and Gölpınar district. The risk of accident was too high because the bridges were not constructed parallel to the road, but were built diagonally. These bridges, which our citizens have complained about, have always remained in my mind.

Due to the narrowness of the bridges and the way they cross the road, many kazanI learned that there is They said that one of our young people who had an accident here just last year died. For this reason, we decided to widen the four bridges on the Gölpınar Mahallesi and make them parallel to the road, to eliminate the risk of accidents arising from the bridges. When the works are completed, we aim to prevent the repetition of the accidents that occurred in the past years and to avoid suffering on the bridges, which almost invite accidents because they are narrow and cross the road.
30 The works we have done so far in Akçadağ Municipality, which we have received after the March elections, have always been oriented towards recovery. On the one hand, municipal debt to the level of service to a level that does not hinder, on the other hand we continue to work towards institutionalization. Since the day we started work, our only goal was to be a municipality producing services for our people. Today's work shows that we are now approaching our goal. After that, we will continue our path by aiming to produce more services with the same belief and determination.

I wish the residents of the neighborhood of Gölpınar to travel without any accidents. " said.


Akçadağ Gölpınar District Headman Selahattin Akduman Akçadağ Municipality said they were pleased with the work; Bu For a long time this way, connecting the Akçadağ Merkez and Gölpınar districts, our people preferred the Sultansuyu TİGEM road instead of the bridge because they had crossed the road and caused an accident. The bridge crosses the bridge and flattening makes it suitable for traffic again. As Gölpınar neighborhood, we did not believe that these works would be done one day. But today we saw it was real. I would like to thank Akçadağ Municipality and the friends who worked there. Bu

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