Abdi İpekçi Street Dropped From Dust

Abdi Ipekci Street Dust Free: Edirne Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, Abdi Ipekci Street asphalting work carried out.
Edirne Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams asphalting work carried out by the new residential area Abdi Ipekci Street asphalt road to get rid of the dusty road.
"We were receiving an intense complaint from our residents, as this area, where we do asphalting work, is a new residential area. Asphalting work is also carried out with the instruction of our mayor, Recep Gürkan," the officials at the Directorate of Science Affairs said.
Edirne Mayor Recep Gürkan, in his statement, said, “We were constantly receiving complaints from the residents of Abdi İpekçi Street, because the road passing through the Kıyık connection was soil, and in line with these complaints, asphalt material obtained from the site of our Directorate of Science Affairs and the equipment used by the Directorate of Science Affairs. We have carried out the asphalting of the shore connection road. All the services we provide are for our citizens of Edirneli. We will continue to work and serve with all our strength so that our citizens can live a comfortable life. ”
Citizens residing in Abdi Ipekci Street were very pleased with the work of paving, indicating that the Mayor Gurkan'a and the Directorate of Science Affairs teams in the paving work thanked.


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