Küçükçekmece Cennet Mahallesi metrobus stop will be opened when

Küçükçekmece Cennet Mahallesi metrobus stop will be opened when: Istanbul Kucukcekmece Cennet Mahallesi metrobus stop was announced in the 45 days.

But about two months have passed, but the work has still not started. According to the announcement on the IETT website, the underpass improvement project, which should be completed within 45 days, did not end even though the 55 days passed. Construction site chief, while the sub-parade work will take 2 months, while Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality White Table officials said that the deadline for the 45 is over, but says that there is no information. Workers on the site say that the underpass works are not working because the tunnel is flooded due to the rains.

Muştak Babaoglu, one of the tradesmen in the region, said, idi A month and a half ago they disengaged the overpass, they still did not dig for the underpass. I'm looking for the director of science, we're asking why they've removed the overpass, no answer. If you would have done this, you would have destroyed the overpass after the underpass was completed. Handicapped elevator is done in the lower passage. That lift E-5 closes one of the lanes on the sideway. I did, but what they're saying is our coordinates. A strip is not closed if the 50 meter is on the right side. All of them is a sergeant relationship. '' He said. Meltem Kuzu, cak Schools will be opened and I do not have a car. How will I get my child across? Oc he asks.

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