Cumhuriyet Street to Be Permanent Asphalt

Cumhuriyet Avenue Gets Permanent Asphalt: The permanent and durable asphalt pavement move that Isparta Municipality initiated 6 years ago continues without slowing down.
Permanent and durable asphalt pavement works on the basis of the red denim application initiated by Mayor Master Architect Yusuf Ziya Günaydın throughout the city center continue uninterruptedly. The city center has started to get its share from the services provided from all over the city. Isparta Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs established its construction site today on Cumhuriyet Street, one of the busiest streets in the city center. The Directorate of Science Affairs made the first excavation yesterday on the permanent and durable asphalt pavement works on Cumhuriyet Street, which is 1 km long divided. Asphalt milling machine, popularly known as asphalt gnawing tool, started to scrape the worn asphalt on the street today. After the removal of asphalt, which has completed its economic life, the Water and Sewerage Directorate will enter the street and solve infrastructure problems. The Water and Sewerage Directorate, which will control both rain, drinking water and wastewater channels, will completely remove the old ones and replace the old ones and complete the missing parts and solve the infrastructure problem on the street. Thus, after the permanent asphalt pavement is poured, the street will not turn into a summer puzzle. The street will serve the public for a long time due to the permanent and durable asphalt that spilled.
Mayor Yusuf Ziya Günaydın, Mayor of the Mayor, stated that the long and long lasting asphalt pavement works have taken a long distance and that the personnel has become a professional and has a permanent and durable asphalt covering.
Günaydın said, “As Isparta Municipality, we started permanent and durable asphalt pavement works 6 years ago. When we first started, our personnel were leaving the work on that street in a long period of 2 or 3 months, completing the procedures. But as you can see, we have shortened this period considerably in recent years. We dropped it to almost a week. Like an organized factory, all our personnel know their job and direct themselves accordingly. While one of our personnel is digging asphalt, the other team immediately starts infrastructure work. On the one hand, the infrastructure works are being carried out, on the other hand, the stabilized material, which is the preparation stage, is laid on the asphalt. Thus, we reduced this process to a minimum. This day we started a work on Cumhuriyet Street. We aim to complete our work here within 15 days. We apologize to Cumhuriyet Caddesi tradesmen and residents of the neighborhood for the noise we will make during this period, ”he said.



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