Incentive problem in Izmir, metro and tram lines

Incentive problem in İzmir Metro and tram lines: We do not seem to focus enough on the points we should see in İzmir, which is drowned by artificial agendas. Neither speaks nor intends to put this issue on the agenda today, as the priority agenda of the city is unemployment and that industry should draw its development in this direction. See our valuable from each other and most important industrial region, although it is the name of Izmir in Turkey with industry to anılmayal was almost 50 years ago. Our talks with Chinese automobile companies 3-5 years ago, why are the factories of the giant automobile companies we are trying to attract to Izmir are not talked about today? Why do Izmir firms prefer to move their headquarters to Istanbul? Why is industrialist running away from jobs that will create jobs?

According to some curses for this reason. Well, what for, who?

Maybe… Maybe incentive.

I believe in promoting Turkey's Izmir province should be treated differently from the general. The same incentive system applied to Manisa next to it should be applied in this city as well. The incentive that will open the way for businessmen and make İzmir an attraction center for investors and industrialists is the only way to ensure development in İzmir. This door, which opens to every point of the world with its port, should not be closed to the face of the industrialist and the producer. İzmir has the power and potential to demand incentive privileges.

Let's come to the most crucial question…

In today's conditions, do you set up a factory in Izmir or in Manisa?

The land is cheap in Manisa.

Encouragement is high in Manisa.

Rents are cheap in Manisa.

Manisa is right next to İzmir Port.

There is no shortage of space in Manisa.

Easy to reach Manisa.

We can count more dozens of items like this.

As such, İzmir lags far behind Manisa. The distance between the two neighboring cities is 30 km. With Sabuncubeli Tunnel, this distance will be shortened in time. Investment costs are cheaper in Manisa. In this case, the industrialist, whose priority is to make money, has no organic or strategic ties with İzmir. Manisa is a unique city for everybody who has money in his pocket, who will openly think about establishing a factory and choose the way to earn more with less cost.


Whether it's late or problematic it's over. Izmir will have no problems with the Üçkuyular-Evka-3 subway for a few days. Returning to the snake story and seriously exhausting the local people, the investment has been completed. I wonder, what will we put into operation after the Üçkuyular subway is completed? Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu expressed many projects related to transportation during and after the election campaign. I think as of today the priority is in the tram. In my opinion, the construction of the public transportation system in the districts such as Buca and Narlıdere is more essential than Göztepe metro. However, having their permits taken keeps the Göztepe tram in a more “feasible” position.

The new application of the ESHOT General Directorate of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in public transportation, after the criticisms made at the beginning, was partially on the track. Reducing the number of buses in the city is a logical job at first glance. I expect Kocaoğlu to implement the Alsancak tunnel (sunk-output) project after the introduction of this system, which has already significantly reduced Alsancak traffic. It will be a serious solution to the traffic problem in this region and will make the most important street of the most important region of the city a center of attraction. (Love way)

I want the new metro and tram projects to be started as soon as possible and the construction will be completed in a very short time with maximum effort. After the completion of new ships, metro and tram projects, I think we will not be talking about the traffic problem in Izmir anymore.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 16:46

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