How many passengers carried high-speed trains on 5

How many passengers were carried by high-speed trains during the five-day holiday: High-speed trains (YHT) carried a total of 5 thousand passengers during the five-day holiday. All tickets of the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train, which opened on July 5 and announced to be free for a week, were sold out on the first day. 54 people traveled with the Ankara-Istanbul YHT during the religious holiday. On the other hand, the number of passengers carried by TCDD during the holiday reached 25 million.

High-speed trains (YHT), which operated from Ankara, Istanbul, Eskişehir and Konya and Eskişehir to Konya, carried 54 thousand 98 passengers during the holiday. All tickets of Ankara-Istanbul YHT, which was announced to be free for 25 week, opened on July 1, were sold out on the first day. 24 people traveled with the Ankara-Istanbul YHT during the religious holiday. According to the information received from TCDD General Directorate officials, 156 thousand 26 passengers traveled on Ankara-Eskişehir trains, which had 30 mutual voyages between 32-11 July. On the Ankara-Konya line, 732 voyages were organized mutually during the 5-day holiday, while YHTs carried a total of 56 thousand 15 passengers on this line. In 464 flights between Eskişehir and Konya, 16 thousand 2 people preferred YHTs for travel.

Ankara-Istanbul YHTs are full, overflow

In Ankara-Istanbul YHTs, it did not fall to the ground if you shot a needle. Citizens showed great interest in YHTs that made their first voyage on Sunday, July 27. All free tickets on this line until Sunday, August 3rd, are sold out on the first day. A total of 12 passengers were transported on the line, which operated a total of 4 trips for 48 days, from 24 daily trips. Thus, a total of 156 thousand 4 passengers traveled in 152 flights on 54 YHT lines.

50 thousand passenger destination per day

TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, who met with the citizens at the Ankara Station on the day the Ankara-Istanbul YHT started its voyages, pointed out that the demand increased due to the fact that the trips were free and the first expedition coincided with the holiday season. Stating that some citizens came to the station 1 day ago to wait in line to buy tickets, Karaman stated that despite the excessive density and long queues, he received positive reactions from the citizens he met. Noting that the only complaint they received was the insufficient ticket, Karaman stated that they planned to carry 5 thousand passengers per day on the Ankara-Istanbul YHT line in the first place and stated that they aimed to increase this number to 50 thousand in the future.

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