Electrification and signaling analysis in Eskişehir-Alayunt line section

Electrification and Signaling in Eskişehir-Alayunt line section: Within the scope of Electrification and Signaling; In the Eskişehir-Alayunt-Kütahya-Tavşanlı line section, the electrification and signaling field studies with 77777 Tractor Auto and the test studies conducted at the level 0 signal level tour in the Eskişehir-Alayunt line section were examined extensively.

Veysi Kurt, Deputy General Manager, Head of Facilities Department Mehmet Turşak, Regional Manager V. Mehmet Altınsoy, Facilities Manager Bülent Expenses, Signalization Control Supervisor Mustafa Sönmez, Control Organization and Electrification and Signalization contractor company officials participated in the field works.

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