Ardahanda Evaluation of Highways Investments

Evaluation Meeting on Highways Investments in Ardahanda: A meeting was held in Ardahan on the investments made by the Highways within the provincial borders.
Ardahan Governor Ahmet Deniz, Ardahan AK Party Deputy Orhan Atalay, Mayor Faruk Köksoy, Highways 18 Regional Manager Turan Yılmaz and related contractors participated in the meeting held at the Historical Congress Building.
During the meeting, the status of the investments, which started to work by the Highways within the provincial borders, were discussed in detail. In the meeting where the negotiation caused by the contracting companies about the investments were discussed, necessary warnings were made to the companies to eliminate the problems.
At the meeting, asphalt work of the 18 Kilometers of Çamlıçatak-Çıldır road was carried out as one way until 15 November, until the end of this season, 9,5 km of the 20 km part between Çamlıçatak-Merkez until September 9, and the one-way part of 8,5 km between Göle and Ardahan. It was decided that it would be opened to traffic, and that the 20 km road in Damal district would become asphalted until September XNUMX.



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