Red River Road 2. Stage Road Renewal and Asphalting Study

Red River Road 2. Stage Road Renewal and Asphalting Study: Mayor of Melikgazi. Memduh Büyükkılıç, starting from Kayseri Park and located between the 30 August Boulevard Kızılırmak Street is continuing the construction of the second stage road construction, he said.
Deformed by infrastructure work, natural gas, internet and renewed infrastructure for the mobese systems Kızılırmak street reminding that the road is completely renewed in the second stage Büyükkılıç President, with the arrival of the total length of the 2400 meter-long pavement and renewal of the work on the road with the middle refuge, he said.
Substructure of the renewed road asphalt work and lastly stonmastik asphalt with the people of the district said that they offer smooth ways. Memduh Büyükkılıç, said:
“Kızılırmak Street is 1200 meters long, 1200 meters going and 2400 meters coming, and 10 thousand tons of infrastructure materials were laid and joint work was carried out with infrastructure companies. 2 tons of asphalt has been poured on Kızılırmak Street 5500nd Stage road, middle refuges have been arranged, and the lines of the road completed with stonmastic asphalt will be drawn and opened to traffic. All roads in the city center that are deformed due to intensive use or infrastructure renewal are renewed. The same work will be carried out in the 3rd and 4th Stage sections of Kızılırmak Avenue.
Büyükkılıç also said that the roads were closed to traffic for a short time because of the road renovation and asphalting works at Kizilirmak Street and the drivers should pay attention to traffic plates and lighted warning signs.

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