1.000 SME is doing high speed train

1.000 SMEs doing high-speed train: in 2023, 10 thousand kilometers of high speed rail line, which will have started production for the domestic version of the train over a thousand SMEs in Turkey. From its cable to its design and motor, 784 main parts are being brought to the economy in 23 different cities, especially Ankara OSTİM.

In Turkey, 880 kilometers in length furnished rail high-speed trains, has brought with it a new industry. As of today, the power seat assembly, until the lighting of the engine is performing close to a thousand SMEs to Turkey's domestic production of high-speed trains. The trade volume of the production realized in this field in the last 3 years has exceeded 3.1 billion dollars. Domestic trains will be on the tracks in a few years.

One of the most prominent regions in production was Ankara OSTİM. 380 out of a thousand SMEs registered in TCDD's supply chain are located in OSTİM. Standing out with the defense industry and cluster projects, OSTİM is the center of domestic subways in addition to the high-speed train. Metro lines in Ankara's Batıkent-Sincan and Çayyolu-Kızılay lines are also produced here.

The success of companies in Ankara increases every year. The electrical malfunction experienced in the opening of the high-speed train opened the doors of a new production area to domestic companies. In the reports prepared, it was determined that the parts supplied from Italian companies caused malfunctions. Thereupon, the route was turned into domestic companies. Ulusoy Electric company operating in Ankara managed to fill the gap here quickly. Ulusoy Electric Board Member 205'inc the largest firm in Turkey's exports Enis Ulusoy said the domestic industry passed the giant project to life is significantly larger.

Stating that their companies have managed to get ahead of their competitors in the world thanks to their R&D investments, Enis Ulusoy said, “We design, manufacture and sell products with over 700 employees and about 75 engineers who are experts in their fields.

Hexagon Studio won the national high speed train concept design of the State Railways with international industrial design awards. Reaching 250 people in Turkey train design with a giant company has completed the design and engineering staff.

Infrastructure added value
1. The goal of Turkish tourism, which has risen to the 32th place in the world with 6 million in the number of tourists, is to prepare a road map for the transition to added value economy. The goal is to move tourism, which feeds more than 100 sectors, from its SME to the agricultural sector, to a new league. Özak REIT, known for its Ela Quality brand, was one of the institutions that made effective efforts on the subject. Expressing that they are planning 5 new hotel investments in the medium term, Ela Quality Resort Hotel General Manager Tunç Batum said, “As of today, hotel and infrastructure investments have reached a good point. Turkey's new generation leap tourism private sector, with the public to develop healthy and work together on a common growth strategy and future planning of NGOs, "he said. upper

city ​​in this strategy, which emphasized the need for progress in the integrity of the environment and tourism planning of Batumi continued: "We are producing projects for Turkey to reach the top league in tourism. Education, qualified workforce, tax, cost, input and destination are very important to us. We work to ensure that such master plans are flexible, feasible, technology-driven and free from life. ”

2. Eren Tunç, OPET Technology and Automation Sales Manager, said that they offer many opportunities to SMEs with the Otobil application. Stating that Turkey Bronze Otobil system constitutes 24 percent of the average sales it has made across the OPET, "Currently, over 30 thousand customers we serve around 400 thousand vehicles in the field. We started from Tekirdağ and reached to the remotest corner of Anatolia and went to the smallest businesses. We made 2013 point visits in 8.300 and as a result we signed 2500 contracts. As of July 2014, we visited 16 thousand points and reached 4.000 contracts. ”

Development agency looking for entrepreneurs
In 2013, development agencies provided 685 million lira support to 635 projects. This figure was 2012 million lira in 353.9. The Ministry of Economy aims to transfer 2014 million TL to 2 thousand R&D projects in 499. It is stated that innovative projects are advantageous in the support process.

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