Zonguldakta Bridge Action

Bridge Action in Zonguldak: Zonguldak City Council members protested that the repair work on the 3-year-old Ankara Bridge, which provides access to 77 neighborhoods, could not be completed for 1 year with a press release.
The bridge, which was built in the city center in 1937 and was taken under protection by the Karabük Natural Heritage Conservation Board, was closed one year ago due to damage to the upper pillars of the load on the body of a truck. The firm, which received the tender for maintenance and repair, continues the strengthening and improvement works on the bridge. On the other hand, instead of the bridge shortening the road between the city center and the Karaelmas, Birlik and Çaydamar neighborhoods, the drivers use longer alternative roads.
Zonguldak City Council reacted not to open the bridge to transportation after the driver's shopkeepers took action by closing the highway on July 17 last. City Council President Yesari Sezgin said:
“Ankara Bridge has an important function in terms of the functioning of city traffic. For this reason, it is necessary to complete the work quickly in the work done on the bridges especially if it should be closed to traffic. Both the owner of the business and the contractor should pay attention to this and take care. Our expectation is to finish the work at the end of September and open the bridge to the city. ”
After the press release, the crowd broke up.



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