YHT studies have destroyed irrigation channels

YHT studies destroyed irrigation canals: Basköy residents of Bilecik headquartered in the center of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line due to the construction of the rocks of the irrigation canals destroyed, the fields in the field can not water irrigation, he said.

İsmail Yeşil, the headman of Başköy, stated that the falling rocks and soils damaged the irrigation channels of the YHT excavation works. Stating that the canals were closed with rocks and lands, Muhtar Yeşil stated that they reported this issue to the TCDD officials and the governor's office, but they did not get any results. Stating that they had difficulty watering their crops in their fields, İsmail Yeşil said: “The falling rocks in the High Speed ​​Train line construction works damaged our small irrigation channels and closed the entrance. For this reason, we cannot supply water to our fields. We went to the High Speed ​​Train construction site and told the authorities here about the situation. However, they did not help us. We are trying to irrigate our products by carrying water to our fields with tractors from other places. ”


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