With YHT 65 TL to Ankara, 15 TL to Istanbul

65 TL to Ankara with YHT, 15 TL to Istanbul: The first passengers who have the chance to buy a ticket from Izmit Train Station will go on their first trip with YHT tomorrow. Meanwhile, from Izmit to Ankara, the Economic class fee was 65, Business was 91 TL, Izmit-Istanbul Economic class was 15 TL, and the Business fee was 21 TL.

The first scheduled program on arrival and departure of the High Speed ​​Train has also changed. Authorities, the exact information about the hours can not provide, yesterday, the full four times the exchange rate is a proof of this. YHT will take its first passenger from Izmit to Ankara at 08.22. The first HYT will go to Izmit Station at 11.50. Garda stop time is only 2 minutes.

During the one-week free transportation period, ticket sales will be made only at Izmit Station. Electronic ticket sales will be activated after the tariff. Citizens will be able to get their credit card tickets online. These people will be able to travel to their phones by entering the barcode system on the train with the next PND code. When the system is switched on, there will be tickets on the internet. Gardaki box office, the system will sell tickets according to availability. With 10 days and more, you can pay less than 50 in advance if you buy tickets in advance. However, this application will not exceed the 10 of the capacity.


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