Green Droplet Coming

Green Damlacık is coming: The graphic work of the 2nd Regional Directorate of Highways, showing the green field works to be carried out in Damlacık district, revealed that the rent claims are unfounded.
Another important development has taken place in İzmir's Damlacık district, which reveals how far from the truth the "rent" claims made for the expropriation works initiated due to the risk created by the construction of Konak Tunnels. The graphic works of the green valley to be created by the 2nd Regional Directorate of Highways in the region after the expropriation revealed that a green valley will be established. Regional Director Abdülkadir Uraloğlu stated that not a single nail will be struck in the region for the purpose of profit, and said, "The places where tunnels are passed under will be completely green areas and citizens can benefit".
Protest held
Since it is one of the most dominant regions in the gulf, there was a wind of lies after the works started for the expropriation of 65 houses in the district of Damlacık. It has even been claimed that the Highways will take this place from the hands of the citizens and sell it to contractors to build luxury villas with sea views a few years later. It has also been claimed that the droplet district will disappear completely. Meanwhile, some citizens living in the district opposed the expropriation with the support of Konak Mayor Sema Pekdaş and organized a series of protests.
The research conducted by Yeni Asır revealed that this is not the case. Highways Regional Manager Uraloğlu stated that not a single square meter of construction will be made on the places where the houses on it will be destroyed and that these areas will be turned into green areas. In addition, neighborhood headman İbrahim Cebeci and many right holders declared that they are in favor of expropriation, contrary to the protests of some citizens. Yeni Asır made the headlines of these developments with the title "The Droplet Lie". Following this news of Yeni Asır, the graphic works prepared by the Directorate of Highways for the greening works in the region revealed that İzmir will gain a green valley here. Abdulkadir Uraloğlu stated that the "abandonment to the road" provision was written in the title deed registries for the expropriated region and said, "No one should heed the unfounded rumors that luxury villas will be built in the expropriated area. According to the law, this person cannot hammer a nail here for the building. The places under which tunnels are passed will be completely green areas, ”he said.
"Konak Municipality is misleading"
Stating that the excavation of the 674-meter section of the tunnel, which will be 200 meters long according to the project, has been completed so far, Uraloğlu stated that Konak Municipality is misleading the citizens. Uraloğlu said, “This area carries a risk due to tunnel works. This is why these expropriation works are done. Anyone can say their opinion. There may be those who do not want the tunnel to be. But the rent claims made for the expropriated area in the region are absolutely unfounded, ”he said.



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