Yenişehir Meets with Metropolitan Services

Yenişehir met with Metropolitan Services: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has started asphalt works in Demirboğa, Reşadiye, Mahmudiye and Karaamca villages of Yenişehir within the scope of all city applications.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality started asphalt works in Demirboğa, Reşadiye, Mahmudiye and Karaamca villages of Yenişehir within the scope of the whole city applications. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, who gave the good news that all the preparations for a pond near Terziler Village, where 600 cubic meters of water will be kept annually, have been completed, said, "In this period, we will see all the practices that have been said but could not be done for years".
Mayor Altepe held talks with Yenişehir Mayor Süleyman Çelik and Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats in Yenişehir. Altepe, who first started the works of asphalt to be poured between Demirboğa and Reşadiye and Mahmudiye and Karaamca villages with the accompanying team, then examined the pond area in Terziler Village, whose infrastructure preparations were finished.
The efforts of the Metropolitan Municipality to 'make Bursa a more accessible city' started to gain weight in Yenişehir. Stating that they are working day and night in coordination with the district municipalities to make roads and eliminate the deficiencies in all areas, Altepe said, "We are currently in Yenişehir and we are continuing our efforts to improve all roads starting from the roads with urgency".
Stating that metropolitan teams have started asphalting works in Yenişehir, they aim to both facilitate transportation and aim for a more accessible Yenişehir and strengthen the economy of the region, Altepe said, “Currently, our teams go to Mahmudiye and Karaamca villages in the same way as the 10-kilometer road to Demirboğa and Reşadiye villages. He started asphalting works on the 6-kilometer road. Hopefully, the works we have started on the 16-kilometer road will be completed in a number of days. "Our goal is to complete the road works as soon as possible and to eliminate the deficiencies by moving to other regions."
Altepe also made investigations in the pond area to be built around Terziler Village within the framework of Yenişehir contacts. Reminding that they promised that an irrigation pond would be built around Terziler Village before the election and that they started to work to fulfill the promise as soon as they came to work, Altepe said that the infrastructure preparations for the pond were completed and that the actual work would be started within a few days. Altepe said, “Currently, the application project of this place is being prepared. It will be completed and commissioned in a short time. With the construction, we will bring this place together with the pond where 600 thousand cubic meters of water will be kept annually. It will serve the region, especially the Terziler Village. Good luck already, ”he said.
Yenişehir Mayor Süleyman Çelik thanked Altepe for the investments made. Noting that the investment expectation from Metropolitan is high in Yenişehir as in other districts, Çelik said, “We have stated to our people that these expectations will return in the form of investment as soon as possible. We live this today. Our district people should be comfortable about the continuity of investments in the next period ”.



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