New Turkey High Speeds Coming

New Turkey High Speeds Coming: City Management Specialist Professor Dr. Recep Bozlağan, "Turkey is signing a strategic success. The Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train line, which will be launched on Thursday, is one of the most critical investments in the history of the Republic. New Turkey comes at high speed, "he said.

In a program he attended, he gave information about the opening of high-speed train. Dr. Recep Bozlağan, "On behalf of the railways last year 50 done almost nothing high-speed train lines in Turkey are opened one after another. Turkey together with the high-speed train lines built since the year 2009, xnumx'ınc between European countries using this technology, came into the world xnumx'unc the country. After the Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-Konya lines, the fact that the Istanbul-Ankara line will be opened on Thursday will have a great importance and meaning. The high speed train line, which will be opened between Istanbul and Ankara, which will be the busiest passenger route of our country, will increase the comfort and safety in transportation while increasing the travel habits and will make significant contributions to the economy. In

Marmara University, Head of the Department of Istanbul Studies. Dr. Recep Bozlağan, mesafe 200 highway distance, 800 miles from the distance from the airline is more advantageous, while the distance between these two distance high-speed train has great advantages. Istanbul-Ankara, Istanbul-Izmir, Istanbul-Antalya, Ankara-Izmir, Ankara-Bursa, Ankara-Antalya and Ankara-Adana lines are the average 400-700 kilometers. This indicates that the most economical, fast, comfortable and safe means of transportation is the high-speed train. The spread of high-speed train lines will also help to reduce the dependence of our country on oil. New Turkey comes at high speed. With the construction of the planned lines, Turkey will be built with a real sense of the iron network. The era of non-associated with old rusty iron nets Turkey, the location should be left to rapid high-speed rail line, "he said.



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