Hospital Street Waiting for Signaling System Establishment

Waiting for the Establishment of the Hospital Street Signaling System: Although the decision was made by the Provincial Traffic Commission seven months ago to install the signaling system, the signaling system was not installed at the junction in Hastane Street.
At the intersection of Adıyaman Hospital Street and Fevzi Çakmak Street, 4 accidents have occurred in the last month. Numerous kazanA decision was made by the Provincial Traffic Commission for the establishment of signaling at the intersection where the traffic accident occurred. Even though it has been 5 months since the decision of the Provincial Traffic Commission dated 7 December, citizens and shopkeepers reacted to the failure of the signaling to be installed.
Street traders said that traffic lights should be in order to control the junction where continuous accidents occur, and that the municipal authorities should find a solution to this problem.

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