Wagon manufacturer VA-KO

Wagon manufacturer VA-KO: VA-KO Wagon was established on 08.05.2007 under the name of Container Machinery Engineering Project Industry and Trade Company and was restructured as 2011 on the date of Joint Stock Company and still carries out its activities in accordance with the purpose of establishment.

Our company has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certificates. It also has TSEN 15085 and EN 1090 certifications.

As a result of the work carried out by the date of 04.11.2010 wagon manufacturer certificate to our company so far;
Manufactures 500 wagons from Laags-w type freight wagons and delivered to Logistics companies and works smoothly on TCDD lines.

Also; In line with the demand, a substructure has been established in UIC to manufacture all wagons with project.

In line with TSI certification project, which will provide free movement of the wagons produced in our company in accordance with our internationalization policies, we have been working intensively since the beginning of the 2014 year.
After completing the certification of our Sgss-w wagon, our other type of freight wagons in our manufacturing portfolio will be certified in a very short time.

Also; In our country, bir Maintenance Responsible Unit ın (ECM) application will be started in order to provide maintenance, repair and revisions of freight wagons in a safer way and to ensure uniformity in technical and administrative processes. As a company, our application is completed and the works will be started as soon as possible.

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