Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy metro will break a record

Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy subway will break a record: With the completion of it in 38 months, the Üsküdar - Ümraniye - Çekmeköy metro, which will be put into service in a short time, has been displayed for the first time by Yeni Şafak. The metro, the construction of which was started in 2012 and tunnel operations were completed to a great extent, will cost 564 million Euros. When the metro is put into service, it will be able to carry 64 thousand 800 passengers in one hour.

Üsküdar - Ümraniye - Çekmeköy metro, which will take place in the second metro of the Anatolian Side and built by the Istanbul Büyük ükşehir Municipality (IMM), was first viewed by Yeni Şafak. The line, which is planned to be put into service 2012 months after it started in March 38 and will be the fastest completed subway in the world with this feature, will carry 620 passengers in one direction and 64 passengers in one hour, and will contribute to Istanbul traffic in a positive direction. The difference of the line from other lines will be that all vehicles without mechanics will be used.


Tunnel boring machines and TBM machines, called mole, started digging the tunnel starting from these construction sites. Since the first excavation was hit in March 2012, 4 tunnel boring machines have been operating at 4 points, and the tunneling operations have been completed outside of the existing 4 stops between Üsküdar and Altunizade. The TBM, which is taken into maintenance at the Altunizade stop and can open a tunnel of 18 meters per day when working at full capacity, will descend from Altunizade to Üsküdar in a week. Üsküdar stop will be completed by excavating from above.

While the end of 90 at the stake of the steel piles that will form the Üsküdar stop, the excavations started for the stops at the completed parts.


The line, which will reduce the distance between Üsküdar and Çekmeköy, which is 50 minutes in normal conditions, to 24 minutes, will also relax the Ümraniye Alemdağ street and the Şile road, where the traffic is very busy during business entry and exit hours. The line, which will go under the Alemdağ street and will carry 620 passengers per hour in one direction, will also enable vehicles, minibuses and buses to be pulled from here. The line will also be integrated into Marmaray, Metrobus and Dudullu - Bostancı line, which is expected to be completed in the coming years.

Waiting times will be reduced to a minimum with the 126 wagon providing service to the 90. There will also be scissors at almost every station. Thus, empty vehicles can be sent to busy stops.

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