Uludag Teleferik Made Again

Uludağ Cable Car Failed Again: Bursa's new cable car caused nightmares for mostly Arab tourists who wanted to spend their feast holiday in Uludağ. Vacationers who spent 1,5 hours hanging in the air when they broke down experienced great fear. With the implementation of the alternative system, passengers in the cable car cabins were taken to Sarıalan. Passengers waiting here were also taken to Bursa by buses.

Teleferik, one of the most important symbols of Bursa and recently opened, broke down at 15.00 today due to a mechanical problem. Citizens on the ropeway due to the malfunction were evacuated without any problem after 1,5 hours of work. In case of any health problems, three ambulances were kept ready. It was learned that the problem was caused by the breakdown of the bearings in the gearbox.

After the mechanical failure, the alternative was passed to the diesel system and the evacuation was done. The authorities noted that the 1246 was released without any health problems.

Passengers staying in Sarıalan and unable to return to Bursa were sent to the city center with 20 buses and 12 minibuses. Passengers' wages were also refunded.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:35

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