The new arrangement in transportation draws different tables by regions

The new regulation in transportation draws a different picture according to the regions: Hürriyet reporters, who have been watching the surprises and reactions created by the new regulation of the ESHOT affiliated to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality since the first day, have closely monitored these public transportation vehicles they are already users of. Hürriyet team was on the road on the fourth day of the application by using metro, İZBAN and buses by transferring during high hours. Karşıyaka and some of our friends departing from the direction of Bornova to another end of the city stated that they can easily use all the lines; Our friends sitting in the neighborhoods, which forced bus lines to use extensively, expressed their reaction. Authorities 'customary over time' despite the words, it turned out that the inhabitants of Izmir can not easily get used to the application.
Here are some details of the ways
Since the new arrangement did not cause any change in my access to my workplace in Alsancak, I went to the intensive transfer centers, İZBAN and the subway in pursuit of the claims in the social media. In the morning, my first stop was the Bostanlı Transfer Center. İZDENİZ and ESHOT employees from Bostanlı İskele to Konak, although the vehicle is in the direction of Konak, stated that the citizens generally prefer the ferry, especially when they go to work and exit times, compared to the past.

My second stop Karşıyaka There was a minibus stop next to İZBAN. Inca Direct bus lines on the Internet are removed Karşıyaka-Bornova is full of dolmus lines ”I found that the words are not very realistic. Then I reached Halkapınar in 15 minutes from İZBAN, and I reached the EVKA-3 station in about 3 minutes by waiting for 10 minutes. I didn't see any passenger density at the above transfer station, probably due to the morning hours.
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It's really infamous for four days. Buses are clogged. There's no place to breathe. Going back to work is a complete torture. I can only get an hour to work in advance on a maximum of 30 minutes. I live in Hatay. First I go to Üçyol and ride the Halkapınar bus. 15 arrives in the transfer center. Either I cut the hope and I get into a cab or I'm late for work. Boilers inside boiling boiler. They call it a voice from every head. People are very unhappy. There's nothing else spoken about, besides the torture. Something's done wrong and needs to be fixed.
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I started the day by choosing one of the longest lines with the old arrangement that could be called the other end of İzmir. Buca Tinaztepe. KarşıyakaTo go to Tinaztepe from IZBAN Station Alaybey'de set off to my house. The wagons were full, but it wasn't mean. I landed at the Shirleyer. At the transfer station, bus 878 to Tinaztepe was at the stop. The bus driver said that the biggest problem was getting used to people, “After getting used to it, there will be nothing left. The distances are shorter. If the previous bus arrived at the stop, it is expected a little. Yeni On the way back, I decided to go to Üçyol from Tinaztepe Transfer Center, where I transferred to Izmir Metro. After waiting about ten minutes here, I left for Halkapınar. After waiting about ten minutes in Halkapınar, I came to Alsancak Station with İZBAN. To sum up, I had no problems.
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I live very close to the transfer center in Üçkuyular. From the earliest hours of the morning, the stop is very crowded. A bus arrives in 15 every minute, the crowd is getting bigger and more difficult, we come to Üçyol. Here, 10-15 after waiting for the bus to go to Halkapınar ride and go to the newspaper. But there is a problem. In Fahrettin Altay or Üçyol Aktarma, the buses fill up to the brim and don't take the passengers waiting in the intermediate stops. I'm not at all satisfied with my own arrangement,
I did not coincide with those who use the same route.
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