Review of Consumption from Square

Criticism of Consumption from Square to Square: The Consumer Support Association (TÜKDES) President Süleyman Bakal, who evaluated the extension of the railway as a result of taking the railway in Eskişehir, said, ına Terracing city planning practices harassed the consumer. Tük

General President Süleyman Bakal stated that the last example of the decentralized urban regulation in Eskişehir was waiting for the attention of the Metropolitan Municipality. Balak stated that it was not possible to reach the Eskişehir Gar from the nearest tram stop to the Eskişehir Gar in the labyrinths. consumers skip the aerobatics with their suitcases. There are two separate tram stops in the area, and there is also secure access to the two doors of the shopping center. Safe / easy access to the Eskişehir station should be provided from the station called the shopping center. When applying pedestrian crossing, first pour the soil, then the pedestrians from the trail, the pedestrian crossing of the local authorities, the "do not hit the lawn" sign does not have to hang. We expect the extension square to be finished as soon as possible by making corrections to our natural orientation. Uz


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