Yandex Finds Problems in Public Transport

Yandex Finds Solution to Problems in Public Transport: Turkey's leading road passenger transport company Kamil Koc from the time information in the service of yandex.sef now with online ticket purchasing options.
Yandex has received great acclaim for its customers' services, which makes life easier. Turkey's leading road passenger transport company to Kamil Koç time information from yandex.sef are now able to service with option to purchase tickets online.

In addition to the Yandex.Seferler service, which includes the voyage information of Artvin Ses Travel and our Iğdır bus companies, Çankırı Özlem also has access to the timetable information of Dentur Avrasya and City Lines, Kocaeli Sea Transportation and Bodrum Ferry companies, the largest in the Marmara region.
All details about the trip Yandex.Seferler Service Yandex.Seferler service thanks to the users, the point where they are located and by choosing their destination, the location of the aircraft, trains, high-speed trains, ferry and bus alternatives, transfer plans if you need to transfer, voyages, stop information, travel time and can easily view ticket prices.

With the iyor Buy harita link, users, who are directed to the ticket purchase page, can reach the details of the bus stations, piers and stations, the airplane take-off and landing hours of the airports, the delay information and all the aircraft and trains on the road. Yandex is completely free for both users and carriers, providing great convenience to users' access to life.

Expeditions service is updated with new companies. Yandex.Seferler who want to take part in the service to the carrier companies in line with the demands of online sales integration is provided quickly and easily. Then users who want to buy tickets are also directed to the relevant site of the carrier.



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