Tirebolu-Torul Divided Road Project

Tirebolu-Torul Divided Road Project was Constructed: Tirebolu-Torul Divided Road Project was Constructed. 30 of the Road Tunnel, Bridge and Viaduct. New Road Reduces the distance to 16, reducing the time 43.
One of the most important crossings connecting the Eastern Anatolia to the Black Sea was the split road project for the valley of the Kurds.
The project of Zigana Tunnel was carried out by Petek Proje Mühendislik Müşavirlik A.Ş. starting from Tripolis district projects by Gumushane-Trabzon highway Kurdish crossroads until the current 86-kilometer dual lane road, approximately 30 tunnel, which will pass the bridge and the Viaduct will return to the road split 74 kilometers. The project, which will be traversed by tunnels in the town of Kürtün and Özkürtün, will reduce the percentage of 16 as the distance, while it will reduce the percentage of 42 as time.
1 hours 36 minutes in the current state of the 55 minutes to reduce the new project to reduce the 2 minutes in the longest along the way 905 bin 110, the shortest 23 36 meters 941 kilometers long 19 pieces of tunnels and a thousand XNUMX meters long XNUMX new bridge and viaduct is planned.
The road which is frequently used by those who want to reach the Black Sea coast from the Eastern Anatolia without leaving the Zigana Mountain is one of the most important routes used by those going to the Central Black Sea and Central Anatolia from the inner regions of the Eastern Black Sea.
Local people and the path of the people of the road for years to med no way to make a bridge across the road i every point where the project is passed through either a tunnel or bridge is expected to cost millions of liras, the publication of the project on social media, even the people of the region excited.
The Minister of Justice of the time and Gumushane Deputy Mahmut Oltan Sungurlu and the program called am goat does not even go Kürt in the region with the dams of Torul and Kurdish for many years with the help of dynamite blasting and work machines with the help of road curves was also a nightmare of drivers. One of the most difficult and expensive roads of the years, the Kurdish way, the last completed in recent years due to the dams of Torul and the Kurds became more dangerous due to mortal accidents occurred after the road side of the concrete barrier was made to prevent the vehicles to fly to the dams.
With the newly prepared project, sharp and frequent bends will be completely destroyed and a comfortable transportation will be provided by tunnels, viaducts and bridges.

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