Municipality did not make the highways Municipality did

Koru Municipality did not do the highways: For many years, despite the people's complaints and demands Koru-Cinarcik Highway, which is not made by the Highways, one of the smallest municipalities in Yalova Municipality made Koru.
Since the Çınarcık highway, which passes through the middle of Koru Town and has a heavy traffic flow due to the summer season, was not built by highways, the Koru municipality started asphalting works on this route. Koru Municipality Mayor Kamil Yaman said that they carried out the asphalting and pavement arrangement works of the highway, which has been idle for years and caused traffic accidents and threaten the safety of life and property, and that the asphalting works will be completed by the end of the week. Yaman stated that the highway, which has been damaged for many years, has not been repaired, and that they have met the asphalt and pavement arrangement works of this highway with the means of the municipality in line with the demands and demands of the people and said, “We have started hot asphalt works. The cost of our work is covered by the Koru Municipality. All work is implemented by our own resources. We spent about 1 million lira, ”he said.



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