Railway Bridge

The Bridge Built by Train Rail is the History: The 50 annual bridge near Adıyaman center Kömür Town will be built with the construction of the new bridge.

After the collapse of the Coal Bridge, which was built about 150 years ago, the bridge was built over 3,5 meters wide, where a single vehicle could pass. 50, one of the anchors used on the train tracks, is being replaced by the coal bridge that was built years ago.

Adiyaman Governorate Specialized by the Special Provincial Administration of the new bridge will be double lanes. Instead of the train rail bridge, reinforced concrete, 10 meters long, 10 meters wide and 6 meters high bridge will be built. The construction of the bridge began to be excavated and the alternative service road was opened.

Contractor Company Official Bekir Sarikaya, the tender period is 3 months, but the new bridge will be operational within 2 months, he said.

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