Cable Car Game Cheaped

Cable Car Game is Cheap: In the village of Güneysu Selamet 12, who started to skate with the ropeways during the game, Macit Karaosman 30 has dropped from the height of the meter.

The village of Selcuk, Southsu, has thrown itself from a height of 30 meters as a result of a sudden slipping when playing with the cable car used to transport tea.

When the family gathered tea in the village of Selamet in Guneysu district, Macit Karaosman, who was playing with the cable car, started to move away quickly when he put on his iron rail. Macit Karaosman, who left himself on the ground before he reached the overclocking system, had broken ankle bone.

Macit Karaosman, who was in Rize Research hospital, said ım I was playing, I had an iron scraper, and when I put the slide on the cable car, I started moving more and I started to get scared when I got away. I walked away from the 40-50 meter, there was an overflowing obstacle in front of me, and I couldn't get over it, and when I hit it I was going to crash from the height of about 50. At that moment I jumped my mind and I left myself on the floor. O

Father Ahmet Ali Karaosman said that his son had been saved from cheap, in 30 Meter jumped from height, and breaking the ankle could only be a miracle, worse, God kept it, Baba he said.

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