TCDD investment program bag bill of commission

In TCDD's investment program bag design commission: Development Minister Cevdet Yilmaz said, "We have to move the railways further and provide large-scale financing for this."

At the Commission, the article regarding the financing of the projects included in the investment program of the TCDD General Directorate in 2014-2018 was criticized by opposition lawmakers.

CHP İzmir Deputy Rahmi Aşkın Türeli stated that with the bill, it is desired to make arrangements for the works that are not yet included in the investment program. Why is the task not resumed with a loss? We do not understand why such a method was made. ”

The Minister of Development, Yilmaz, railway projects in a short time, the feasibility of saving projects, the public is not enough to do just financial analysis, stressed the need to do economic analysis. Yilmaz said that economic analysis is more important in terms of public sector, they have to make strategic decisions on state railways and that countries which are successful in this field make huge investments in the world.

Yilmaz, stating that they have to defend Turkey's strong rail network, said they made significant investments in this direction. Explaining that high-speed train projects are being carried out on one hand, signaling system is renewed on the one hand, and that single lines are turned into double lines, Yılmaz noted that the strongest railway move after the Republican period has been realized in recent years. Yilmaz, "Turkey in the event of a logistics center. State policy has to be implemented. We cannot put this heavy load on the shoulders of a company. It would not be right for TCDD to realize it with its own financial means. ”

Stating that the amount of 2014 projects of TCDD for 36 was 47,5 billion liras, Yılmaz said, “The expenditure made so far is 2013 billion liras as of the end of 10,9. 2014 billion liras, which we allocated as an appropriation for 4. This is a huge increase compared to the past, but when we look at the need, it is really insufficient. We would like to obtain more resources and transfer them to TCDD. We have to move the railways further. For this, we have to provide large-scale financing. ”


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