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Adana TCDD Train Station Telephone Numbers
Adana TCDD Train Station Telephone Numbers

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You can use the EYBIS system for TCDD Electronic Ticketing. EYBIS; It is the short name of TCDD Electronic Ticket Processing System. EYBIS is the virtual environment where you can do all the ticket transactions of TCDD trains.

End of Physical Ticket (e-ticket) – Buy EYBIS Ticket

After purchasing the YHT and mainline train tickets, you can check the printout of your computer with a barcode, barcodes and so on. You can make your trip with.

Please note: for trips to and from regional trains, tickets are only sold by TCDD tolls and physical tickets must be shown on the train.

Train Seat Selection

Wagon and place selection can be made from all sales channels except TCDD counters. After choosing the train for your trip, you can easily choose your wagon and location according to your gender.

Note: You are responsible for any negative and statutory circumstances which may arise as a result of misrepresentation of your sex when you receive your ticket.

Changing the Ticket from the Purchased Channel and Returning the Ticket

You can perform all transactions related to your ticket (change, return, convert to open ticket) from all sales channels, regardless of where to buy (internet, agency, teller, etc.).

Where can I buy tickets?

You will be able to get YHT and Mainline train tickets on TCDD trains;

  • From mobile applications ("yolcutcdd" application, Google Play Store and Apple Store)
  • From the website (
  • Call center,
  • TCDD ticket sales agencies
  • PTT booths
  • TCDD booths
  • You can get traumatic.

Why do I give my mobile phone number and e-mail address when I buy tickets?

There is a need for some personal information when you buy your ticket to the main line or YHT trains.
This information allows you to send your ticket information as SMS to your mobile phone and e-mail as e-mail. So you can get on the train without stopping at the box office.

In the case of changes, refunds, the system, the transaction, the information is made in SMS or e-mail.
If there is a reason for any reason in the flights, you will be informed on the contact details you provide.

No SMS or e-mail is sent from EYBİS for advertising purposes.

Why do I give a return date on round-trip tickets?

In EYBIS, an effective round-trip ticket is offered, including your connecting train travels. Round-trip tickets are sold. Tickets are not processed for trains that are not available for sale in the system.

Can I use different trains to buy a round trip ticket?

For the outline and YHT trains, you can choose your departure and return from different trains, different types of wagons (stamps, cloaks, beds), positions / classes (business, economy, 1.mevki, 2. Position).

Is my payment system from the website secure?

3-D Security security system is used for the credit card transactions you use to pay the tickets you buy from the website.

How can I return my ticket?

tickets; from the departure time of the train you travel to 15 minutes before the check-in counter can do. In other sales channels, this time is 30 minutes before the departure time of the train.

Where can I return my tickets?

You can return your tickets from all sales channels regardless of where you get them.

I don't want to be interrupted when I return my ticket?

If you do not want to be interrupted when returning your ticket, you can convert your ticket to an open ticket coupon.

What is an Open Ticket Coupon? How to use?

You can use the open ticket coupon for all YHT and mainline trains of TCDD, 180 at any time during the day, at the sales channel you want to pay for the ticket. You can use multiple open ticket vouchers to pay when buying tickets.

How long is the validity of open ticket coupons?

The validity period is 180 calendar day from the day the ticket is converted into an open ticket coupon.
Open ticket vouchers that are used once or used as part of it cannot be used again. No refunds / changes can be made on tickets purchased using open ticket coupons.

How do I change my tickets?

tickets; you can change from departure time to 15 minutes before departure. In other sales channels, this time is 30 minutes before the departure time of the train.

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