Sümelaya ropeway project approved

The Sumelaya ropeway project was approved: The project was approved to allow the cable car to the Sumela Monastery. Trabzon's Maçka district of the historical Sumela Monastery located in the Altindere Valley, the project prepared for the cable car is approved to be specified.

Providing information about the subject of the Mayor of Maçka Koray Koçhan, Sümela'ya ropeway project, indicating the approval of the project in case of implementation of the project will be much more active, he said. Koçhan said: proj There are projects that we have done together with the General Directorate of National Parks related to Sumela, whether it is our municipality or our metropolitan municipality. For example, the cable car project to Sumela is currently approved. This project is a project that will save the future of Sumela. In addition, existing facilities in Sumela will be renewed and regional sales departments will be established. Restoration project is currently in the opinion that this will be a positive opinion, '' he said.
As for the place where the ropeway is to be installed, Koçhan ğin is an area that will be next to the pathway from the entrance of the National Park to the pathway. Almost 3-4 is a ropeway area. An estimated 10 will be an investment of millions. The cable car will be very attractive because there is a Cakırgöl project, there is a ski project. In addition to these, within the scope of the green roads project, the following road will be expanded with Sumela. Not only does the skiing tourism take place, but everyone here agrees. Therefore, the load of tourists coming to Sumela will pull the cable car. Both in terms of a great commercial income and tourists coming from Sumela, the region, the air will have the opportunity to watch over natural pine forests, Hem he said.

Maçka Mayor Koray Koçhan, 15 said they had not yet received any official information about the rite to be held in August and that they had taken the necessary measures in this regard as a municipality.
Stating that the coming Orthodox Christians will have better hospitality than before, President Koçhan said: in There is no official information about the ritual that will be held in 15 in August. Our door is open to everyone from the moment they reach us in this direction. Sumela is an important place for them. Arrivals can be sure that they will have better hospitality than before. Preparations will not encounter any trouble okay, Hazırlık he said.