SRC and Psychotechnics documents

SRC and Psychotechnical documents: Psychologist mehmet nuri turunç - Psychologist Mehmet Nuri Turunç, who stated that there should be SRC and Psychotechnical documents in commercial vehicle drivers as per the regulation, underlining that there is no supervision in this issue in Sakarya, 'Increasing traffic accidents with SRC and Psychotechnical documents will decrease. said. Psychologist Mehmet Nuri Turunç stated that SRC and Psychotechnical documents are among the features to be sought in the drivers in the 36th article of the Road Transport Law and Regulation, “As per the law, traffic police and municipal police have the authority to conduct audits, but there is no practice. If the reflexes of a person are within a certain measure, they can get the psychotechnical document in their training. If his reflexes and coordination are weak, his vision angle is narrow and he cannot receive this document. Someone who does not get the document also means that he cannot go to traffic. If someone does not receive such a document and goes to traffic, of course there will be districts. Therefore, these laws must be implemented. It has been observed that there are serious decreases in traffic districts where these laws are applied in Europe. Stating that they applied to Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality on the subject, Hüseyin Kaya said, “We have made our application with the laws and regulations we have on this subject. Today, tomorrow, maybe after the holiday, he will stop and ask the police. Our problem is not that anyone is punished, we want commercial vehicle drivers to know about such an application and get these documents in time. ”



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