High speed train from Izmit

The high speed train from Izmit: The high-speed train of Izmit was eventful. After passing Derbent station, the high-speed train started to cut the catenary cables on the route. Due to hitch the train stopped around 42 Homes. The Prime Minister also took a very heavy security measure for the train. Numerous police teams were referred to the point where the train stopped. Military helicopters, who had demanded trains from Ankara, took security measures from the air. Salim Dervişoğlu Street was closed to traffic. Technical team ready to train immediately intervened in the failure.

The train moved back to Istanbul again after my 20-minute work. As the high-speed train arrived, it continued on its way from Izmit Station. Former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yildirim, said in a statement on the subject, B Electric wire connections broken. So the train stopped. Dolayısıyla Kocaeli Governor Ercan Topaca said in a statement that the fault did not know the exact source, said he would make a statement after receiving the necessary information.

100 3 year-long tragedy for a year-long train 29 YTR waiting since the 2013 since the high-speed train (YHT) expected from Izmit, also spent with Prime Minister Erdogan. Preparations were made at the Izmit Station to meet the Prime Minister's train, even the rostrum was established. But the first train did not stop in Izmit.

From Israrla Izmit Station to Ankara or Pendik, we wanted to get tickets for any day. However, Izmit Gar officials said that they had no tickets yet and they did not have the authority to give tickets. Istanbul-Ankara between the 3.5 will take hours per hour comfortable and safe YHT Izmit people are not known yet when it is not yet.

The first YHT to go to Pendik from Ankara and to go to Pendik and also to Prime Minister Erdoğan in our province, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Karaosmanoğlu and the AKP Provincial Chairman Civelek also traveled. Karaosmanoğlu and Civelek tested, liked YHT very much. When will I get this train in Izmit, how many money will pay this is not known.

Istanbul-Ankara will run between the YHT's schedule on this line was determined. YHT will make a daily 6 trip between Istanbul and Ankara. Ankara, the morning hours 06.00'da, the morning of 06.15'dan will depart the first day of trains will not stop in Izmit. Ankara, the clock 19.00'de, Istanbul, 19.15'dan the last day of the train will depart in the same way to transit from Izmit.

According to the official program announced by FDI, only one 12 will be stopped in Gebze from the mutual 2 voyage to be realized by YHT in one day. Polatlı, Bozüyük, Arifiye'ye will stop by a train each day. 30 In March, the AKP lost election in Eskişehir, all trains will stop, passengers will take and download. Izmit, the most need for the first and the last morning of the morning and the last expeditions will be able to benefit from the people of this city should explain.

According to the official program announced, YHT will move from İzmit to Pendik every day at 11.32, 14.40, 16.30, 19.07. Train times from Izmit to Ankara were announced as 09.19, 11.41, 14.39, 16.49. When YHT enters Eskişehir station, 5 will stop for minutes. At Izmit station, the train will move two minutes after stopping.

Prime Minister Erdogan's high-speed train found in Izmit almost alarmed the security forces. An incredibly exaggerated security measure. There was a nearly step-by-step police team on the high-speed train route. The area around the station was almost blockade on the police side. Even before the passage of the high-speed train, the passage of pedestrians was not allowed. On the other hand, the fast train was also accompanied by airborne helicopters throughout the journey.

Izmit Station, maybe the High Speed ​​Train stop, the Prime Minister to say something to the public, even the rostrum was prepared. Hani Şener Şen'in starring the unforgettable films of the Turkish cinema "Hello Band" is a film. Izmit fell into the humble village. Tribune; The train was prepared for the train and the prime minister, but the train and Prime Minister Izmit passed without stopping.


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