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Bridge Protest by Driver Tradesmen: In Zonguldak, taxi and minibus drivers protested that the Ankara Bridge, which is under protection, has not been opened for nearly 3 year due to the repair of the Ankara Bridge, which provides transportation to 1 neighborhoods, by closing the Ankara road for a short time.
The bridge, which was built in the city center in 1937 and protected by the Karabük Natural Heritage Protection Board, was closed 1 year ago due to the damage of a truck load on the upper poles. The strengthening and improvement works of the company, which received the maintenance and repair tender, continue.
Instead of shortening the path between the city center and the Karaelmas, Birlik and Çaydamar Districts line, the taxi, minibus and pickup drivers who had to use longer alternative roads showed their reactions by closing the road to Ankara shortly.
Zonguldak Chamber of Drivers and Automobile Drivers Osman Köksal Bahar said that the bridge was closed to traffic for 1 year due to maintenance and repair works, and that the driver tradesmen had difficulty. Bahar said, “We have reported this issue to the municipality many times. They said they would be interested to whom we told. 'Who owns this city?' We ask as driver tradesmen. Where does the owner of this city? Even a small problem cannot be solved. The bridge is still closed under the name of maintenance and repair work. We made a small action as a driver tradesman. This is a small warning. If this warning is not taken into account, we will take action in a different dimension. "
After the press release, the drivers opened the way they closed at about 10 minutes.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:39

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