Rank in the Eurasian Tunnel

Place the Eurasia Tunnel 'in: by the date of Turkey's transportation projects are completed one by one. With the activation of the Ankara-Istanbul YHT line the previous day, the eyes are now on the Eurasia Tunnel, the brother of Marmaray. The giant tunnel that will pass 90 thousand vehicles a day under the Bosphorus will be put into service in 2015.

TURKEY, prints the names of successive giant projects to transport history. With Marmaray, a new one will be added next year to the giant projects that connect the two sides of Istanbul under the Bosphorus in 15 minutes, and then reduce the distance between Ankara and Istanbul to 3.5 hours with the activation of the High Speed ​​Train line the previous day: Eurasia Tunnel ... This time under the Bosphorus While the works on the 'Eurasia Tunnel, which is expected to pass the vehicles and completely relax the traffic of Istanbul, are continuing rapidly, more than 10 percent of the project has already been completed. The project is expected to cost $ 1.3 billion in total.

Distance will fall to 15 minutes

Kazlıçeşme in Europe, which will connect Göztepe in Anatolia at a depth of 106 meters and will provide access to 90 thousand vehicles in a day, the world's largest 6. The tunnel will be. Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe transportation, which is currently an average of 100 minutes, will be reduced to only 15 minutes. Unlike Marmararay, which only transports passengers with rail systems, only light vehicles can pass through the Eurasian Tunnel, while heavy vehicles, pedestrians and motorcycles will not be allowed.


In the project, which is shown as "Marmaray's brother" by Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan at every opportunity, the submarine working phase has come. The work in the tunnel, which will reach 5.4 kilometers together with the land tunnels, reached a length of 420 meters. While Yıldırım Bayezid, the latest tunnel boring machine, starts its first works under the sea, the machine specially produced in Germany will pass 106 meters below sea level at the deepest point.

We got two bank boxes, the transition 4 dollars

Within the scope of the project, the tolls are expected to be 4 dollar + VAT on both sides. Tünel will be the shortest route between Kazlıçeşme - Göztepe and the fuel costs will decrease. Also the maintenance costs of the vehicle will decrease. For passengers in the tunnel, which will only be charged the vehicle toll, no extra payment will be made.

Will be a shelter in natural disasters

The tunnel, which will not be affected by NEVER weather conditions, is being constructed to serve as a shelter due to high security standards. The Eurasia Tunnel, which will provide the fastest vehicle connection between Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen Airport, will also bring a significant reduction in traffic density on the two bridges.

Fuel cost% 60 decreasing

Distance between KAZLIÇEŞME-Söğütlüçeşme Approximately 26 kilometers from the Bosphorus Bridge. When calculated with stop-calves, a vehicle consumes an average of 20 pounds. When the 3.40 pavilion is added, the cost 25 is approaching the pound. When the 5.4 km Eurasian Tunnel is opened, approximately 10 will be paid as toll. Passing 1.5 pounds of fuel costs 11.5 pounds. So with a simple account cost 60 falls.


The Eurasia Tunnel, which will greatly ease the transportation of vehicles between Anatolia and Europe, is scheduled to pass through the 100 car a day. At both ends of the tunnel, the ventilation chimneys and passages will have two floors, each with a double strip on each floor, with a central operation building on one side.


The foundation of the giant project built with the partnership of TURKEY and South Korea was laid on February 26, 2011. SK from the turkey as project leader Building Center managed by Korea E & C companies Eurasia Tunnel Construction Business and Investment Corporation, undertook the entire investment. The company will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the tunnel for 26 years.

$ 25 billion subway

When COMPLETED, the work on the giant project, which will be Europe's largest subway, continues rapidly. The planned budget of the 'Crossrail' project, which was implemented to relieve London's extremely busy transport system, is exactly 25 billion dollars. While the works are expected to be completed by 2018, it is stated that the metro system will be Europe's largest infrastructure project.


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