Siirt Railway and Airport Project

Siirt Railway and Airport Project: Siirt Deputy Osman Ören announced that the tender process for Siirt railway and airport projects will start within 2 months.

Siirt deputy Osman Oren, Siirt railway and airport projects announced that the tender process will start in 2 months.

Ören, AA correspondent in a statement, Kurtalan-Siirt railway and the new airport to be made in the village of Kurtalan Gürgöze related to the latest status of the Ministry of Transport General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments. Mustafa Kaya and Ferzan Gökerküçük, Head of the Department of Railways, said he received information about the latest status of the projects. Ören stated that the 22 kilometer railway project was canceled due to the lack of participation of sufficient number of companies and that 2 will start within the month as a result of the arrangements made in the tender conditions.

Reminding that the work on the new airport continues Oren, said:

Ise Regarding our new airport, the EIA Report process is continuing. The Project Implementation Procurement process will begin in about 2 months. We are working hard to solve Siirt's transportation problems. Railway and new airport project are vital for Siirt. With the completion of these projects, it will be more comfortable for the investor to invest in Siirt. ”


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